2002 December Camp pictures, etc.

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Brother Ronnie with Brother Ted Posedly & Bro. Chris Cavanaugh from Arizona, having breakfast at Grandma's Hotel, Tarlac, preparing for the Philippine December Camp meeting 2002.


A happy pose of the sisters from our church taken at Sister Tess Magbitang's residence (from left to right):
Sis. Daisy, Sis. Nitz, Sis. Orihinal, Sis. Tess, Sis. Fleda, Sis. Arlene, and Sister Zanoni.


Sister having fellowship before the December camp meeting starts ( from left) Sis. Daisy, Sis. Arlene, Sis. Vina, Sis. Fleda, Sister Tess and Sister Nitz.  


Brother Ronnie Millevo and wife Sister Fleda at the church veranda.

 Another happy moment of fellowship amongst the sisters.

A photo taken with minister brothers at the Annual Tarlac Camp Meeting this December 2002.

A couple of visitors, Brother Mark Duarte and wife, along with Filipino brothers, posing for a souvenir picture.

Brothers Ric Rance, Brother Ronnie, Bro. Chris Cavanaugh, Bro. Jhong Joveres and Bro. Ted Posedly: an early wake-up photo at the house.

A dinner at Pastor Max's residence: shown in the pic: Sister Ligaya and son Moses; Bro. Chris, Bro. Fred Caballero, Bro. Ted and Bro. Ronnie.


A ministerial meeting at Jade Restaurant, Manila: shown are Bro. Ted Posedly, Bro. Cernan banagan, Bro. Ronnie, Bro. Ismael Roel Soriano, and others.

Brother Ted Posedly, posing with ministers from Manila.

Brother Chris Cavanaugh and Brother Ronnie, posing with the COA Gospel band, at the December Camp Meetings 2002 at Balayang, Tarlac.

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