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Visiting ministers from the Worldwide Missionary Endeavors (from left to right): Bro. Mark Duarte from Idaho, Brother Vernon Manahan (Bible Believers Philippines Office manager); Rev. Frank Dutton from Alaska and his son Joshua Dutton; with Pastor Ronnie Millevo, and Bro. Ron Nisby, from Idaho, U.S.A.

Visiting foreign brothers Bill Selover (top left) and Rev. James Brownings of North Carolina (mid-right), take a pose with Filipino pastors. Included in the photo are Pastors Ismael-Roel Soriano, Ronnie Millevo, Rodel Manidlangan, Rey Soriano, Billy Magno, John Balbin, Rocky Verallo, Nestor Espanola, Cernan, Danny del Mundo, Rito Archivido and Nestor Capistrano.


Rev. Frank Dutton from Alaska, along with Filipino minsters at the SM Mega Mall, Manila. Shown with him are Bros. Danny del Mundo, Cernan, Mark Duarte, Rey Soriano, Roel Soriano, Nestor Espanola, Vernon Manahan, Ronnie Millevo, Joshua Dutton and Benny Conte.

Pastor Ronnie Millevo, officiating and solemnizing in a marriage ceremony for a couple of believers at  Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Northern Philippines in December of the year 2001. The couples' names are Brother Ric and Sister Susan Dionela.


A photo of Brother Ronnie in a dinner with brethren from Surrey, British Columbia in August 2000.

From left: Visiting brother and Pat Ethington from Kentucky, USA; Pastor Max Colcol, Bro. Tony, Bro. Vernon Manahan (BB office manager); Rev. Ted Posedly from Tucson, Arizona; and some pastors from the Philippines (Pastor Moises Desacada, Pastor Rey Soriano and Pastor Nestor Capistrano).


A photo from the wedding of Bro. Noel Sabdao and Sis Arlene, Pastor Ronnie's sister, at Bicol. In the photo also are Brother Tony Silos, Pastor Max Colcol, and Pastor Ronnie (solemnizing officer).


Young people praising and singing; taken at Pastor Billy Magno's Church in Pance, Ramos, Tarlac.

Pastor Ronnie and family having a very special visitor in 1994 - Brother David Branham, Billy Paul's Branham's son.

The late Theo Erasmus (middle), VOGR representative of South Africa, with Brother John Silverio (VOGR Phils.) and Pastor Ronnie Millevo taken in Manila.

Rev. Gerd Rodewald and Rev. Klaus Machnik of Germany in their visit to the country. Shown are Pastor Ronnie Millevo, Rev. Richard Muller, Domingo and Jonjon Ompad,  Felipe Salazar, and John Silverio.

In the photo are Rev. Don Osborn of Missouri, USA, Pastor Ronnie Millevo, Rev. Don Harbour, Bro. Israel Cervantes, John Silverio and wife Sis. Linda, and daughter Zipporah.

Praising and worshipping. Young lady in red just received the Message at the taking of this picture.

Rev. Larry Aaron from Arkansas, USA, in his last visit to the country. Shown with Pastor Roger de La Cruz and Pastor Ronnie Millevo.

A ministerial meeting in Northern Philippines. Shown from right are: Brothers Celiz Acuin,
Pastors Ronnie Millevo, Ric Rance, Max Colcol, Fred Caballero, Benny Mora, Billy Magno, Jun Acuin, John Balbin, Dolphy Fidelino, Andrew Junio, Rodel Manidlangan, Wilson Bulalin, Eddie Tomuling, Nonilon Tenedero, Alfred Guiam, and Junior Quilangan.