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Brother Ronnie, wife Fleda & four kids (taken in Year 2004)


A photo taken during the Wednesday Evening Service visit of two brothers from the Worldwide Missionary Endeavors, U.S.A.

Pastor Gerd Rodewald from Germany, shown with Brother Ronnie, during his visitation of the Philippine churches in 1999.

Ministers Fellowship, from top left Bros. Eric, Jhong, Celiz, Aldo. Lower row: Bros. Joseph, Roger, Joe, Ronnie, and Fred Caballero.

Brother Tony Silos, our trustee, with Brother Ernie Villanueva from Cloverdale BibleWay, Canada; Brother Ronnie, and Brother Lino Mercado.

Brothers Pat Ethington from Kentucky, USA, Brother Ronnie, and Pastor Jerry Browning.

 Brother Ronnie Millevo, and John Silverio, former VOGR representative, unloading Message books from the van.

A photo taken with brothers at Cloverdale BibleWay Canada.

Rev. Daniel Martin of Idaho, U.S.A., visiting and preaching at Brother Ronnie's church, in September of 2001.

Brothers Herbert Makoba, Donald Bablitz, and Brother Ronnie, at a restaurant in Edmonton, Canada.

Brother John Bonk and 2 more brothers from the Worldwide Missionary Office, at a McDonald fast food in Manila, with Brother Alfredo Caballero, Brother Ronnie, and Brother Benny Conte. 


Brother Ronnie, with some believers and members of his family, posing near the stairs.

Filipino brothers, receiving free bibles from Cloverdale Bible Way Office in the Philippines.

Some of our sisters having some singing and fellowship along with brothers from the Worldwide Missionary Office.

Brother Ronnie's kids: Michaelangelo-17; Philip Nathaniel-14; Princess Faith-12; and Jubilee-8 years old.(photo taken in year 2000)

Brother Ronnie, in a ministerial dinner with Rev. Lance Lareaux, of Cloverdale Bible Way, and other brothers in Vancouver, Canada.

Brother Ronnie, posing at his wife's small cloth calendar shop in 123 Luzon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines. His wife accepts custom orders and design.

Bros. Joshua Dutton & Jonathan Martin sing for the Filipino crowd.

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