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Welcome to the Philippine Bride of Christ Home Page!

This site is a labor of love of the predestinated Bride of Jesus Christ in the Philippines in deep gratitude for having received the Revealed Word-of-the-Hour in these last days. At present, there are about 150 Message churches and assemblies nationwide believing the Fullness of the Word. These were established through the efforts of burdened missionaries from the U.S., Canada, and Europe in the early 70ís.

Offices and Tape Lending Libraries have been set up by the Voice of God Recordings (USA), subordinated by other ministries such as The Gospel Tape Ministry (NZ), EndTime Evangelism (USA), Zoe Ministries (USA), EndTime Message Tabernacle (Canada), the Worldwide Missionary Endeavors (USA), and lately by BibleWay (Canada) and Spiritual Building Stones of Germany. These ministries have helped in the growth and nurture of the Bride of Christ in our country through free books, gospel tapes, bibles, tracts and E-books.

We have annual Easter and Year-end Camp Meetings here. Thus, we welcome genuine End-Time Message preachers from anywhere around the world who feel led of God to partake with us in this year's annual convention. Anyone interested in joining us as speakers and guests could sign-up in our GuestBook for your intention. Or you may call our Webmaster - Bro. Ronnie Millevo, at Tel. No. 0632-4563857 and 0632-4562777; email

God bless you, and thanks a lot for dropping by our site!