A bi-monthly Newsletter of the End Time Message in the Filipino language was started by the Philippine Ministerial Association in the year 1998. The name "MENSAHE" was chosen to communicate the very essence of the revealed Word to all people of the land.

Basic doctrines such as the mystery of the Godhead was thoroughly expounded in the first issue of Jan-Feb 1998. It included an introduction of the Messenger and the supernatural calling that he had since he was still a child. It included basic enlightenment on Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ; and also the "Eagle Story" which was translated in the vernacular.

The second issue focused on the Serpent Seed doctrine and on the Mark of the AntiChrist. While the third issue focused on the Seven Church Ages, the Sabbath, and Israel and the 144,000.

Other issues were then subdivided into series of topics such as the Body-Spirit-Soul, the Mystery of the Rapture, Predestination, and Marriage and Divorce. Sections were also reserved for an Editorial Page, a Quote-for-Life page, Outreach & Activities Page, Testimony Page, and Mission Updates Page. There are 11 issues now at present and the demand for more prints is growing higher, especially from believers living in the remote provinces. The publication is being funded from voluntary contributions of local ministers in the Philippines.

In charge of the news publication were brothers Ric Rance and Boy Acuin, while printing and production were taken care by Bro. Max Colcol. Brother Ronnie oversees the layout and computer encoding, being the Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter himself.


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