Under Mr. Ronnie Millevo


Directions: Write your answers on a yellow pad or bond paper. Answer each question very briefly. Each question has five (5) points.



1.    What is the “Internet”? And what are the tasks you can do with the internet in relation to your course and profession as future artists or designers?


2.    What is the World Wide Web? Explain all the components sourrounding this technology.


   3. What does URL mean?


4.   What is a “Browser”? Cite two examples and enumerate its functions?


   5.What is a “Search Engine”? And what it used for? Give at least five “search engines” that you know.


6.   What is the meaning of HTML? And what is its significance? Explain how an HTML document is created in dreamweaver.


   7. What is a “hyperlink”? Enumerate the different types of hyperlinks.


8.   What is an "animated GIF” ?


9.   What are the functions of “Layers” when designing a web page layout?


10. What are the basic elements of a personal home page? Enumerate the contents of each page.


11. Differentiate a “gif” from a “jpg” graphic in terms of its use and the number of colors in each.


12. What are the 5 common extension file names for a www site?


13. What are “Hover Buttons”? How do you construct this feature in a web page?


14. Enumerate all the “Form” types that can be used in a Guest Book Signing Page.


15. Explain in five sentences what this course helped you so far. Enumerate the things that this subject has added to your skills as a student designer.


You may use the internet to support your answers… You are given one hour to finish this test.