MILLEVOMEDIA.COM is a service-oriented virtual agency in the Philippines that caters to individuals and private institutions who are in need of multimedia training services and other multimedia-related seminars. It is our mission-vision to impart new technologies and IT knowledge to both foreign and local institutions with the aim of promoting e-Learning and making businesses cope up with the fast-changing trends and demands of cyberculture and e-commerce outfits around the world.

MILLEVOMEDIA.COM is owned and maintained by Ron Millevo, who is both a multimedia specialist and a fine art practitioner in the Philippines. Ronnie finished a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and has obtained a Master's degree in Development Management. He possesses a broad range of technical expertise in the field of e-Learning coupled with a vast experience in software technology-transfer [Adobe & Macromedia software(s)]. He established the company in the year 2000 with a circle of friends as workforce ranging from a variegated mix of multimedia professors, web consultants, and digital imaging professionals. These key people are actively involved in the real trade of designing, implementing and facilitating training programs on various fields of interests in the multimedia art profession today.


MILLEVOMEDIA.COM offers a series of hands-on training services and consultancy on various fields of multimedia art, which include the following courses:

Digital Imaging; CD-ROM Publishing; Interactive Authoring; Web Page Design and Development; Digital Non-linear Audio-Video Editing and Production; Desktop Illustration and Publishing; 2D and Web Animation; 3D Modeling and Character Animation; Architectural & Interior Walkthroughs; and Digital Photography - all in both Windows and Mac O/S platforms.

IF YOU THINK YOU NEED ANY OF THESE SERVICES , simply contact us or send us email notice. Rest assured we can provide you with the right kind of people to do the right kind of training for your specific type of need. We accept package workshops, consultancy job, trainor's training, corporate demo development, individual tutorials both for kids and adults, and even home-service tutorials (this is based on the schedule availability of our trainors). Kindly check out our services page for a list of software that are available for your taking! Don't allow yourself to be logged behind. Learn the latest computerware today and be outstanding in your own field.
To contact us, send email to: Or you can reach us by these tel. nos. (632) 9318796; (632) 4563857. Mobile Phone (632) 0919-3681887.