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Are you a Message Pastor
without a Church website and yet have been wanting to have one? Are you an Evangelist or a Missionary wanting to have an online newsletter to share your photo-documentations but doesn't have the time to build one? Or Are you a Message believer who's got an outstanding testimony, a spiritual gift or a musical talent which you want to share and featured through an internet homepage?

If your answer is "yes", then this homepage can help you. We offer FREE Web Page Design Services to fellow Message churches, ministers and believers whose web contents are worthy of publishing online. This mission of ours is geared towards helping believers in sharing their testimonies, photo albums, and autobiographies online. We have trained and employed a pool of young talented believers who are knowledgeable in building web sites who would work for a minimal donation and/or even for FREE, especially for genuine Churches and ministers of the End Time Message. In case you desperately need one, just express your intentions by signing at our GuestBook and we'll see if we could be available to help you. Thank you and God bless.


Here's how you can avail of our services:

First, email us of your written intention for a web page and for what nature or purpose do you want to have them. This information can be coursed through emailing our supervising minister
( or you can simply express it by signing in our Guest Book.
Brother Ronnie Millevo from the Philippines takes charge of the supervision and of receiving and approval of various requests from believers or churches worldwide before any work can be started by our pool of artists and web designers.
A request maybe approved or disapproved based on the content, its intended goal and spiritual relevance, and on the availability of materials and resources we have in order to build the requested web site. Once a request is approved, then we email back the churches concerned to tell them that their request has been granted and that they have been given the privilege of having a website.
We ask our grantees to prepare and send us the materials necessary for the site building in the form of scanned photographs, text copy of their mission-vision and/or faith, and all other pertinent information required to build their presence on the net.
One best way of sending such materials is through email attachments, especially for the likes of pre-scanned photographs in .jpg or .gif formats. We can just provide additional enhancements such as a logo and an animation as needed for site interactivity.
For believers and churches that don't have scanners at home or in church, they could send hard copies of their materials through snail mail (postal mailings) to our address in the Philippines (Asia) as listed below:

Address to: Free Message Web Internet Service, C/O Bro. Ronnie Millevo, The Spoken Word Outreach Ministry, #9 Luzon Avenue, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines 1109.

Brother Ronnie in the last four years had been helping out other churches build their websites. He had finally decided to train a pool of young unemployed believers in the local church to do graphic designs, computer layouting, image editing and scanning, interactive authoring, and web publishing, to help them earn a living for themselves, even without a college degree. Doing free websites for fellow believers and churches is just one of their side missions which they pledged to do to help others in availing these services.

Some generous and kind-hearted believer-clients voluntarily offer them a little donation in return to just fill-in for the cost of computer scanning and digitizing work. These tokens are accepted based on free will and voluntary offering only from those who feel led to support this cause of helping other churches build their presence on the net through a web site. A website construction may take between two weeks to three weeks, depending upon the completeness of data sent by those who requested for a web site design. Once the website is completed and finished, we make a trial-run and upload them on free internet server providers such as Tripod, Geocities, Angelfire, or Yahoo. Clients can choose to have their own server if they want to, or they can buy themselves their own domain name elsewhere, this if they really want full control of their websites to be pop-up-free from banners and worldly advertisements. They may want to register their domain name or URL registered with any internet registrar if they want their own or domain name.

Finally, our good friend and fine brother, Sam Borlovan, at is always very much willing to accomodate believers' websites for inclusion in the listing of all Message web pages archived at his site. He will create a link that will have everybody else in the Message circle view your web pages, view your photos, and enjoy having fellowship with you on the internet.


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