Welcome to! We are a service bureau composed of freelance digital imaging artists and web designers who are members of Freelanz Graphix, and eArtPhilippines. We work together to service web clients and friends who are in need of additional creative enhancement for their webpages, print projects and interactive publishing needs.

We offer design services ranging from gif animation to flashy logo and web banners, 3D icons, custom backgrounds and more - we can do all these at our client's specifications for a very minimal cost. We also offer home, school and office tutorials and seminar-workshops on topics ranging from digital imaging, web site development, web animation, and interactive authoring.

At Millevomedia, we use many different kinds of software and hardware to create dynamic and powerful graphics and websites. We have a strong foundation in HTML, Java and Flash Technologies necessary to enable us to create stunning websites that work.

If you think we can help you with any of these needs, just email us for immediate notice and we can assign people to tackle the job for you. We guarantee the best original concepts just suited for your kind of requirement - be it a brochure, a catalogue, a poster, a digital video commercial or a corporate web site. Thanks a lot for your visit.

Ronnie Millevo
Founding Chairman