Believers fellowship snap shots
As compiled by Brother Ron Millevo (July 23-27, 2003)

Pastor Ed Byskal of Cloverdale,Canada, and Pastor Ted Posedly of Dewey, Arizona discuss something

Brother Ron Millevo dines with some colored
brothers from Africa...

A brother tends the lending of tapes and ordering of CD's and videos

A sister looks on music CD's of various believers for sale at the library counter of ETMT...

Pastor Ron Spencer (Virginia USA) and Pastor Richard Diyoka (Congo, Africa).

Brother Ron Millevo, Rev.Eddie Byskal and an African minister...

Brother Ron Millevo poses with Brother Jay West and wife, and with Pastor Eugene Brown of Edmonton, Canada.

Pastors Ron Spencer and Harold Hildebrant meet with ministers from Africa...

Pastors Ron Spencer and Harold Hildebrandt
walking the aisles after service..

Pastor Samson Tei, Bruce Painter, Ron Millevo and antoher minister from Africa pose with a sister...

Brother Ted Posedly with Brother Ron Millevo and a minister from Zambia.

A sister with a baby from Chivac, Alaska greets Brother Ted Posedly and wife Myrna.
Special singing were offered by Sister Vivian from Africa. Brother Ron Millevo from the Philippines sang, played the guitar and harmonica. Another couple from Canada did a duet..