Believers fellowship snap shots
As compiled by Brother Ron Millevo (July 23-27, 2003)

Brother Allan and a sister from End Time Message Tabernacle
render a special song..

Brother Bruce Painter talks with Bro. Mike Walls
and wife while Bro. Don Bablitz listens at the right.

ETMT Deacon Brother Allan and wife.

Pastor Bruce Painter of Minnesotta with Bro. Michael Pinkston chatting with Afican ministers.

Pastor Eddie Byskal meets ministers from Africa...

Choir from Edmonton renders a chorus.

Candid moments with Pastors Dan Daisley, Bruce Painter and Don Bablitz.

Colored brothers meet one another..

Pastor Eugene Brown greets Pastor Ted Posedly and wife Myrna.

Pastor Eugene Brown of Edmonton shares laughter with Pastor Ted Posedly of Dewey, Arizona.

Ptr. Harold Hildebrandt and wife meet brothers from Minnesotta: Bruce Painter, Michael Pinkston and Juan Hernandez.

Pastor Harold Hildebrandt and wife Lee-Ann meets ministering brothers Don Bablitz, Ron Millevo and a colored brother.

ETMT violinist brother talks with his pastor Harold Hildebrandt while Sister Lee-Ann listens.

Brother Ronnie Millevo of the Philippines poses with the believers crowd after the evening service.

Sister Myrna Posedly along with two young sisters from Edmonton.

Pastor Hildebrandt takes visiting ministers on center stage ready for the worship service..

Brother Ron Millevo of the Philippines takes a pose with Pastor Derrick Donaldson and wife from New Zealand.

Brother Ronnie Millevo having breakfast with
ministering brothers from Africa..