Believers fellowship snap shots
As compiled by Brother Ron Millevo (July 23-27, 2003)

Edmonton deacon and wife with Bro. Gerry and
wife; with Ptr. Bruce Painter

Brothers arriving from Africa with Bro. Don Bablitz of White Horse, Yukon.

Brothers from Africa with Brother Ron Millevo
having dinnerat Chateau Louis Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Pastor Eugene Brown of Edmonton talking with Pastor Mike Walls from USA.

Pastor Eugene Brown of Edmonton along with other ministers and their wives at the ministerial meeting

Musicians from Pastor Eugene Brown's Church doing some specials...

Believers finding their ID cards from the welcome desk at the opening of the convention...

Believers fellowshipping outside the church after the service...

Brothers at the ETMT taking care of converting the sermons into tape, MP3 and VHS for ordering..

Pastor Harold Hildebrandt leading the worship service before Pastor Ed Byskal takes the pulpit for the Word...

Ptr. Herbert Makoba with Pastor Mike Walls and Pastor Ron Spencer having lunch.

Pastor Harold Hildebrandt and wife Lee-Ann meeting with guests and visitors..

Brother Ron Millevo meets believers Norman Pingayak and family from Chivac, Alaska.

Brother Michael Pinkston poses with Indian believers attending church at Edmonton.

Young sisters stepping down the stairs
after church evening service.

Young sisters fellowshipping after service.

Pastor Ted Posedly of Dewey, Arizona, enjoys fellowshipping with old friends from Edmonton.

Pastor Hildebrant giving the instructions to ministers at their arrival at Chateau Louis Hotel: "hey, no charged international calls please.."