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Watch the ministry of the Holy Ghost. Watch it today. When it comes back... The Church has gradually been coming down. When it... The first reformation was Luther. We had a great big wide place: Justification by faith. The church was shook. Then come along Wesley, the second big revival. It shook it down to sanctification. The church become in a minority, greatly in the minority. Then after that come Pentecost, the restoration of the gifts. It shook it down now to just a little thing, like a pyramid coming up. But right at the end time before the capstone can come to the pyramid, what about it? What is it? Then the church is really in the minority. As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man, where eight souls was saved by water.

It's built right up like this to a point. And the stone on the capstone never was found. They never did put a cap on top of the pyramid. I don't know whether you know it or not. The big pyramid of Egypt, it never had a top stone on it. Why? The Capstone was rejected, Christ, the Headstone (See?), was rejected.
But as we grow from the Lutheran age, Baptist age, Methodist age, Pentecostal age, we're right up to the Capping Stone now (See?), waiting and longing for that Capping Stone to set down; the building's complete. Have not you read in the Scripture, "the stone was rejected." 'Course, we realize that was talking to the Solomon's temple. "But the rejected Stone has become the Chief of the corner." But I'm saying this only to make a--a picture to you.
Now, and in the Bible, we're living in the last days, the top of the pyramid, the crossed fishes of the cancer age in the zodiac, in the time of the coming of the Leo the lion, in the capping Stone, and in the days of the manifestation of the sons of God in the Bible. See? See where we're at? We're right at the end time.

MESSAGE.OF.GRACE.title JEFF.IN V-13 N-3 61-0827
I don't think I have a dollar bill in my pocket. But there is... Yes, I do; I have a dollar bill. I'm sorry. On the back of this dollar bill you'll see the seal of the United States on the left side, looking towards you. From me it'd be on the left side; yours, it's right. It's the eagle, and also in there the coat of arms and so forth. But on this side here, right side to me, you see the pyramid. And you notice, above the pyramid is the capstone, and beneath there says, "The Great Seal." Even on our currency, that we have to recognize... No infidel can stamp out Christianity. Every letter that you date, dates the birth of our Lord. Every calendar, everything speaks of Him. Even on our currency, the Headstone, which is Christ... Why did not they put the headstone on the pyramid? Because the Headstone was rejected when It come.
But now, according to the prophecy, there will come the Headstone. And I want you to notice that when the Headstone comes, the prince that's going to cry out the message will cry out, "Grace, grace." For it's by grace are we saved, that not of works, lest any man should boast. And the message of grace has been tramped under the feet of men until it's become a disgrace. Some of them runs out into eternal security; some runs out into, oh, everything. But the true message of grace remains the same, and there's where Satan tries to knock it out from the church. But it's the grace of God that we're all saved by.

First: foundationally, is faith. Second: add to your faith, virtue; to your virtue, knowledge; from knowledge, temperance; from temperance, patience; to patience, godliness; and from godliness, brotherly love, brotherly kindness; and then love being the capstone: seven of those things. Seven church ages (See?), and seven stars of the church ages, and all of it is tempered together by the Holy Spirit.
Now, that's what it takes to become a servant of Christ. Christ builds His Church in seven church ages, His Bride, a Person, Woman, Church. Seven church ages constitute and make the Bride: some out of this age, and some out of that age, and some out of that age, and all together, and shaping it like a pyramid.

IS.THIS.SIGN.OF.THE.END.SIR.title JEFF V-2 N-11 62-1230E
You remember the pyramid message? It's the capstone. What did it do? The Holy Spirit capped off the individual and sealed it when we added to our faith, righteousness, and godliness, and faith, and so forth. We kept adding to it till we got seven things, and the seventh one was Love which is God. That's how He makes the individual. He caps him and seals him with the Holy Spirit. Then if that be so, He's got seven church ages that He's had seven mysteries that's been sounded away and they fought for to bring back, and now the Headstone comes to cap off the church. Does the thunders mean that, my brethren? Sirs, is that where we are at?

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Did you ever know, that every son that cometh to God, must first--first be tried, whipped, child whipping correction? It's not easy. When God gives you a whipping, you go out here and say, "Well, I'll mingle around a little bit." God will give you a real old fashion spanking for it. And I tell you, if we had more of that in the natural today, we'd have better children. God wants His household straightened out. So He gives you a little whipping, so you can get straightened up. Makes you love Him more.
My father used to give me whippings, and I thought, "Oh, my." I wished I could call the old gray-headed brother, father of mine, back from the other lands today. I would respect every whipping he ever give me. I never got even as much as I needed. I thought so then, but I don't now, because it corrected me. Though he didn't do right himself, yet he wanted me to do right. Amen. He wants us to. If the earthly parents wants us to so well, what about our heavenly Parent the Lord Jesus? He has to correct us. And the Scripture says, "If we cannot stand chastisement, or a whipping, child-correction, then we become illegitimate children and not the children of God." See?

And now He says to His own, "As many as I love, I REBUKE AND CHASTEN." To rebuke is to reprove. To reprove is to `expose with a view to correction.' Chasten does not mean to punish. It means to "discipline because the subject's amendment is in mind." This is exactly what we find in Hebrews 12:5-11, "And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children. My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him; For whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the Father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but He for our profit, that we might be partakers of His holiness. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby."
Herein is now set forth the love of God. He desired in love a family of His own, a family of sons--sons like Himself. There before Him lies all mankind as ONE lump of clay. Out of that same lump He will now make vessels unto honor and unto dishonor. The CHOOSING will be His own choosing. Then those chosen ones, born of His Spirit will be trained to conform to His image in their walk. He REPROVES with all long-suffering and gentleness and mercy. He CHASTENS with nail scarred hands. Sometimes this Potter must take the vessel He is working on and thoroughly break it down in order that He may rebuild it exactly as He desires it. BUT IT IS LOVE. THAT IS HIS LOVE. ANOTHER WAY OF HIS LOVE THERE IS NOT. THERE CANNOT BE.

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Christ was God. Do you know that? What is the Word "Christ?" Means "the Anointed one." And God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe that? Well, if just a--a virtue would go from Him, the immortal Son of God, what would it do to a poor lost sinner, saved by grace, like me? See? So I... But on next time, coming to Chicago, it'll be different meeting.

E-66 066 Christ was the Fullness of God. He was the anointed Jehovah. He was Jehovah-anointed body, Jesus of Nazareth. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. And He died that He might sanctify these fallen human race, and bring them back to sons of God again, to be anointed ones, anointed with the Holy Spirit to go forth to reflect His Kingdom until He returned all the way through the seven church ages. And then at the last age, we find Him on the outside of His own church, trying to get back in.

PERSEVERANCE.title JEFF.IN V-10 N-3 62-0218
Christ, when He was on earth, was the body of God. God created this body. It was a different body, yet it was a human body. You know, Solomon built Him a house. But Stephen said, "Howbeit the Most High don't dwell in houses made with hands, but a body has Thou prepared Me." Now, God prepared Himself a body in the form of the Lord Jesus, which was the Christ, meaning the anointed One. And now, all that God was, was in Christ; He was the Fullness of the godhead bodily. That's what the Scripture says. Now, and all that God was, He poured out in Christ. He was Emmanuel, God with us.
And all that Christ was, He poured out into the Church. What is it? Anointed one to continue His work, that His Word might live constantly. He lived by the Word of the Father. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God." And the Church don't live by bread alone, but by the Word of Christ. And the Holy Spirit comes in and takes the Word of Christ and makes It a living action today. "These signs shall follow them that believe."

"Christ" means "the anointed One," a Man that was anointed. And God dwelling in Him, what was it? The germ with the flesh, the anointed One, flesh being anointed with the Spirit of God produced the Word of God made manifest. "And we beheld Him, the only begotten of the Father, full of grace..." See? There He was. See? He was God's Word made manifest. And now He died in order to pay the debt of your hybreeding (my, my, there it is, what is it?), that you could die to yourself until you're no more yourself and be filled with His Word, believing His Word, and then the Holy Spirit that was in Him comes down to water that Word to make It grow. See?
And then what is it? God manifesting, continuing the work of His first Son, His Only Begotten (See?), that died for our hybreeding life, that He might reconcile us back to be sons and daughters of God, that through the church, might flow the same Life by the Word, continuing the Word being manifested as It was in Christ. Christ was God's Word made manifest. And He died, gave His Life, that He might send the Spirit: take His body up and send the Spirit back to water, pay the redeeming price, if we'll believe it. That's it right there--if you believe it. "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do..." Then come the Holy Spirit upon the same Word of God...

PERFECT.FAITH.title JEFF.IN V-6 N-11 63-0825E
Now, watch. Now, He has appeared to us in the same form that He did to them in the Old Testament, and in the same as He did in the New Testament, and has showed by the same Word, the same Christ. And I declare to you that Christ is the Holy Ghost. The--the word "Christ" means "the anointed one." Just a person that's anointed, that is the Christ, the anointed one. How many knows that's true? That's the interpret. The anointed one, there would be a man that would be anointed: anointed with what? The Bible said in Acts 2 that Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God, anointed with the Holy Ghost, went about and done great works and things (See?), that God manifested, proved that He was in this man.
And now, we become anointed with that same Spirit, anointed messiahs, messiahs of the last day to shine forth the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to show that He is not dead; but in the form of the Holy Ghost He's in His people, moving among His Bride with a love affair to Her, pouring out into Her, Himself. They are becoming one for the wedding supper; and the same signs, promised by the same God, in the same Word, is making His same manifestation.

I don't worship a Jew; I worship God when I worship Jesus Christ. I don't worship some fiction or some kind of a historical something. I worship Jesus Christ, the Presence of Jesus Christ right now, which is His Word that's manifested in this age.
God in every age allotted His Word from the beginning, and every time in which one of those ages passed by, God sends down an anointed prophet for that age. In the days of Noah, days of all the rest of them, when He made the promises... I don't care what kind of a condition the church got into, He always does that, He sends a man anointed. For the Word of the Lord comes to the prophets. And here he stood there, each prophet, and was condemned by the organizations of that day, but he stood on the Word and made the Word live.

When Jesus was on earth and He said He was the Son of God, they condemned Him. He said, "Why would you condemn Me when I say I am the Son of God, when you call those who the Word came to, gods?" Abraham was considered a god, Elijah was a god; Isaiah was a god, because the Word of God came to them. And they were in portion gods. Jesus said they were. He said, "You call them gods."
Now, you see, when the man was anointed, like Joseph, he portrayed Christ; when Moses was anointed, he portrayed Christ; when David was anointed, he portrayed Christ. All leading up to Christ, and He was the Fullness of the Word. The Word was made manifest in Him. He was the complete Anointed One. They had It by portions; we have It by portion. He was the anointed One. The entire plan of God laid in Him. God's plan before the foundation of the world to redeem a lost world was in Him. He was the Word, and He's still the Word, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Remember, He came to the fathers, through the prophets, made Hisself known through the prophets; and then in this last day, through His Son, Christ Jesus. He was God made manifest.

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Christianity is a life. Pentecost is--is... I know they've organized it, the word Pentecost, and just capitalized on the name. But Pentecost is an experience, not a denomination. Pentecost belongs with the Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, all of them. Pentecost is an experience.

But Christianity, which is established by Jesus Christ, there is a empty tomb. He was the only Man that ever stood on earth and lived and said, "I have power to lay My life down and raise it up again." And He did it, and He lives today. And we know He lives, because He is with us and proves Hisself by physical signs and wonders that He promised that He would do to show it; insomuch as a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through the wilderness, it's with us today; even having Its picture taken, performing the signs and wonders that He promised It would do in this day, seeing all the words that He promised being made manifest this day. Therefore, the rest of heathen world is out; it's Christianity.

I'm a missionary. I've preached pretty near in every nation under the heavens: seven times around. And I have seen all kinds of religions, stood before witch doctors and every cult I guess there is, as far as I know. And yet, everyone of them: Buddha, Mohammed, Sikhs, Jains, whatever it might be, they all have a founder, and every founder is dead. They can mark his grave, and there he lays. There's his bones.
But Christianity, there is a empty tomb. And the good thing about it, we--we--He proves that He's alive. He's--He's here now. See? Now, that's the thing that a Christian can rest upon, that we know that all the rest of the tombs are full but this one. There's an empty tomb. "He is not here, but He is risen." And we're going to tell the brethren this good news. And He's here same yesterday, today and forever.

And the--the principle of Christianity is based upon resurrection, not reincarnation, resurrection. If this belongs right here, this slip, and I drop that down. Now, that doesn't mean take this and put it in its place. That isn't a resurrection. No matter it looks just exactly like it, but that isn't it. Resurrection is to go down and get the same one and bring it up. The same Jesus that went into the grave, the same Jesus come out of the grave. That's right. It's a resurrection.

That's the--that's the real Christian principle, is the resurrection. Christianity's based upon the resurrection, not replacement. If I dropped this handkerchief on the floor and picked up another one and put in its place, that's replacement. Christianity is resurrection. The same Jesus that went down, the same Jesus, went up. The same Jesus went up, the same God came down in the church. The same signs that followed back there is the same signs that follows the church.

Let everyone tonight know, Lord, that You're God, that this Christ... All other religions outside of Christianity is wrong. You're the only living God. Mohammed's dead and in the grave. Buddha is dead twenty-three hundred years ago, dead and buried. But there's an empty tomb in Jerusalem. You rose again. Praise be to Thy Name. You're ever-living. If I die this night, You're... The testimony's true. You've proved by millions around the world. And now, the scientific world's got the picture of It, in Germany, the United States, and the scientists has examined it, and saying It's the only supernatural being ever photographed. You're God.
Let this audience see You're presence, Lord, as I humble myself and submit myself to a gift, the Holy Spirit, may they likewise, for in Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.

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Now, the first place, the word "church," itself, means "the called-out." Now, Israel was not the church of God as long as they were in Egypt; they were the people of God. And then when God called them out of Egypt, they become the church of God, because they were the called-out. Now, that still remains the same today. The word "church" means "the called-out ones," those that have been called out, separated, made different.

And the true church was in the minority, always was and always has been. I'm just going to wait a minute, let that soak real deep. See? Remember, the true church has always been the little bitty group that's been pushed out of the other churches. The true church never was organized, because it's not an organism; it is the mystical Body of Jesus Christ living on earth, the Holy Spirit moving in these members. So you can't organize Christ, you can't do it. I want you to hold onto that for that Laodicean age, now. And remember it and keep it, 'cause every Word I speak is on this tape. And now, remember, keep it in mind: God's true church was never organized. The Catholic church is the first organization ever known in the world, never before was there ever an organization, and it is the mother church as the Catholics say it is. It is the mother church, mother of organization churches.

I want any man, any historian, to show me where the church begin at Rome. The denomination begin at Rome; but the church begin in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, is where the church did. If you want to go back to the beginning, I'm ready to go back with the pope to the beginning (That's exactly right.), if you want to go back where the church began. But now, the organization Roman Catholic church is the first organized church in the world, and she's the mother of all of it. And Revelations 17 said she was a whore, and her daughters were prostitutes, harlots, and they're all to be destroyed. That's exactly right. That's the Word of the Lord. You argue with Him (See?), not me, 'cause I'm just quoting what He said. Notice, that is true. And then we hug around those things, and, why, it's terrible.

The church went right from organization to denomination and hence to false teaching. That is right. The Roman Catholics don't believe that God is in His Word. No sir. If they did they would have to repent and back up, but they say God is in His church. That would make the Bible the history of the Catholic Church. That isn't so. Look what they did to water baptism alone. They took it away from being Christian Baptism and made it a pagan one of titles. Let me tell you about an experience I had with a Catholic priest. A girl that I had baptized at one time turned Catholic, so the priest wanted to interview me about her. He asked what kind of baptism she had. I told him I baptized her in Christian Baptism which is the only kind there was to my knowledge. I had buried her in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The priest remarked to me that at one time the Catholic Church did that. Right away I asked him when the Catholic Church did that, for I have read their histories and I could not find what he said. He told me that it was found in the Bible, and that Jesus had organized the Catholic Church. I asked him if he thought Peter was really the first pope. He emphatically said that Peter was. I asked him if the masses were said in Latin in order to insure that they were correct and would never change. He said that was true. I told him that I thought they had wandered a long way from what they had in the beginning, I let him know that if the Catholic Church really believed the Book of Acts, then I was on old fashioned Catholic. He told me that the Bible was the record of the Catholic Church and that God was in the church. I disagreed with him for God is in His Word. Let God be true but every man a liar. If you take away or add to that Book, God has promised that He will add plagues to those who add and take away their part from the Book of Life if they dare to subtract from it. Revelation 22:18,19.

Now, there is two churches: there's the church natural; there's the the church spiritual. And mixing those together, which there's no way to segregate them, as Jesus said, "A sower went forth and he sowed seeds. Some sowed good seed, and a evil man sowed tares. And the husbandman, which was the pastor, said, 'Shall we pull out the tares?' He said, 'You'll root up the wheat with it. Let them grow together.'"
So there's no way of separating church natural and Church spiritual. But the Church spiritual is the elected Church, called out and set aside by God alone. And they are the ones that will hear the Word of the Lord.
No matter how hard--it seems strange to say it--but some men are predestinated to eternal destruction; the Scripture says so: "Men of old, foreordained to this condemnation, to turn the grace of God into lasciviousness," in the chapter of Jude. So we don't like to think those things, but there's some people who will never be saved, no matter what you do, and they're very religious.

The church, too, has departed from what she originally was. She is a hybrid. That is, the church nominal is a hybrid. People say, "I am a Baptist." It wasn't so in the beginning. "I am Methodist." It wasn't so in the beginning. Instead of the straight Word of God, instead of the Spirit-filled men in the church who were led by Spirit-given revelation, there are now creeds, and by-laws, and the educated guesses of educated men. Learning has taken the place of revelation. Reason has replaced faith. Program has replaced spontaneous praise in the Holy Ghost. It wasn't so from the beginning. The whole specie has changed. It has become a hybrid church.

Notice. The Light has to come; it's not in darkness. The Light comes to the darkness, and the darkness perceives it not. Notice now, the anointed ones in this day. As Moses brought out those children of Israel, and they listened, and got all confused with that great nation up there... Now, Israel was interdenominational. It had no land, had no home; it was going to a home. We have no church; we're no--we're--we're going to a church, the church of the Firstborn, the church that's in glory, not the church that's on earth by a man, the church that's in glory, the called-out ones, predestinated to Eternal Life. See?
Going to their home, and when they come up to the place to cross over, they doubted the Word. And come back after Joshua and Caleb, and them had went over and brought back a bunch of grapes to prove to them the land was there, the Word of God's promise, "It's a good land, milk and honey." And brought it back on this side to prove it to them, and they tasted of it, and said, "Oh, oh, we can't do it though." What happened? They perished in the wilderness. They stayed right there and organized themselves, and died, every one of them, but the ones that went over and brought the--back, Joshua and Caleb. Moses was translated, a type of the waiting for the church, and the resurrection of the Old Testament, New Testament, and the raptured Body. See the three there? Have to keep them threes in line (See?) so--in the believer and unbeliever.

God never did organize a church, and I don't believe ever did endorse an organization. The Bible speaks against it and claims that the harlot, the Roman church will be burnt with her children. That's exactly true.
But out of there it's come a day that the prophet said that wasn't night nor day, dismal. They've had enough light; they'd say, "Well, we fuss. We're Baptist. We're Lutheran; we're so-and-so, we're that." Because of organizations, little truths that they found in the Bible... Luther organized upon the just shall live by faith. John Wesley organized, sanctification, second definite work of grace. The Pentecost organized on speaking in tongues as the evidence of the Holy Ghost. All those things are true; that's light, but not all of it. And when you draw a creed, you have to stay with that, you can't move. So the Holy Spirit moves out and goes somewhere else. Then they organize it. Now, that's exactly sacred history.

Now, God, when He created His church, He created a Pentecostal church. That was the original: A Pentecostal church filled with the Holy Ghost, men and women led by the Spirit of God. Man couldn't leave that alone. He wanted to hybreed the church. So he bred in the world with it: theology, doctrines, denominations. Oh sure, it makes a prettier church, my, yes, how much different it is from the original church.
Oh, we got big buildings, educated preachers, the better class of the people the up-and-up, better dressed, putting their names in it and their money in it to keep it up-and-up, sending their ministers to seminaries to polish up their scholarships and theology, all the time taking them farther away from God.

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OD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-9 65-0801M
Knowledge and civilization, and true Christianity has nothing in common. Civilization and true Christianity has not one thing in common. Civilization is by knowledge. We all know that. And knowledge is from Eden, proved it by what he preached in Eden, and knowledge causes death. Is that right? What caused death in the garden of Eden? Knowledge. Well, it can't be of God, so it's of the devil. Whew, was that a good one. Knowledge, science, education, is the greatest hindrance that God ever had. It is of the devil. I'll get some letters on that I know. I'm waiting for them. Look what culture's got us into now. See? Look what it's done. Where we at? We've leaned to those things through our own understanding by our science. You say, "What about God, you think He's ignorance?" Oh, no. God will set up his own kind of civilization on earth when He takes it over. This is Satan's world; he's god now of his worldly scientific knowledge. But God will set His own kind of civilization up. It won't be a civilization like this; you just remember that. It won't be the kind of civilization we got today. No, no. It will be according to His Word and His purpose. For the god of this present evil age will be destroyed and his kingdom with him.

I told you the other day; I say it again; that even civilization itself today is absolutely contrary to God. Civilization is contrary to God. Education is a million miles from Him. Science is a million miles. Science and education is trying to disprove God (See?) through theological seminaries, and schools, and rooms of science, and so forth.

Civilization brings sin, always. When man begin to multiply upon the face of the earth, violence set in and God destroyed the world. Sin came by civilization, so your intellectuals will never get you back in fellowship with God. That's hard statement, but let me say this with all tolerance and not trying to support my ignorance, but I think the worse enemy that Jesus Christ ever had was education. Educate the world, you get a bunch of educated heathens and you can't do nothing with them.

God's program is not education, civilization; but salvation. But man has tried to make a super church.
The world's trying to make a super nation with the bombs and so forth. What did they do? Till they got themselves in such a place till they're afraid of one another. One touch; it don't take a whole army anymore. The little nations, anywhere, they can make a touch, and what it is, the whole world will be blowed up in a second. You don't have to have some great nation like Russia. Why, a little bitty place, an island somewhere can do the same work. And they're standing there, radar posts, great missiles by the thousands setting ready with atomic and hydrogen weapons that could fly in. Russia could touch one trigger this afternoon, and this whole United States would sink beneath the earth. And the United States could touch one trigger and sink Russia beneath the earth. That's right.

PARDONED.title TUCSON.AZ 63-1028
Adam expressed man's thinking in the garden of Eden when he made hisself a fig leaf apron to face God. It's something that he did himself. And from fig leaves he's tried education, powers, cities, idols, civilization, denomination. But it ever remains the same. God only accepts His subjects under the Blood. And that's all.
Education has totally failed. More educated we get the farther we get from each other. Denomination has totally failed. We draw lines and barriers, and each one trying to get that denomination higher than the other, and it breaks fellowship. Civilization has merely brought about confusion. Cities, towers, and whatevermore, has all failed. And God's plan still remains the same: under the Blood.

SATAN'S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829
Now, Satan, this deceiver, as spoke of in Matthew 24:24 with so much deceit. Now, we find that by his gospel program of knowledge: better education, higher ethics, civilization, and so forth, has bewitched the people that wants to serve God into believing his lie. Eve did not want to do that, but he showed her how it was more wisdom in it. She didn't know. She wanted to know. She didn't understand, but she wanted to understand. And God told her not to try to understand. How can I understand any of these things? I cannot understand them. I believe them. I don't have to understand them. God is faith and not understanding. We just believe what He said.

SATAN'S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829
Then, Satan got Eve to listen to his gospel of theology, the gospel of knowledge, higher schooling, higher ethics, better civilization, higher education, and so forth, Then when he got the--her to stop and listen to him a minute (to his reasoning, which we are commanded to cast down) when he got her to listen to it... "Now, looky here. The church is so and so. It's been established for so long, that we're one of the oldest churches in the country. The mayor of the city goes..." No, I don't care what it is. See? If it's against God's Word, be against it. That's your enemy. Anything that's against the Word is your enemy. Everything that's for the Word is your brother. He's a part of you.

Civilization is of the Devil. I just got through preaching on that. All culture in the earth, all powers of science, and everything, is of the Devil. It's his gospel he preached of knowledge in the garden of Eden. And he's took that knowledge, perverted knowledge, contrary to the Word, and will, and plan of God, and now he's had six thousand years to do just exactly what God did, only in a perverted way, and took the same amount of time to bring his own Eden in. Now, he's got a Eden here on earth, and it's filled with wisdom, knowledge. That was his gospel at the beginning, knowledge, wisdom, science. Never did God ever cater to such. And I--I want you to watch a minute. He did this, and because that he was a man of worldly wisdom.

Now, he had six thousand years to do it with his poison spray. And how did he do it? Now, this is the striking part. And listen close now. He did it by civilization. Now, that sounds strange, but that's what. I'm going to make a statement here that'll keep you guessing, maybe, for a few minutes; I hope not. But did you realize this? Now, I'm not trying to support ignorance. But did you know that civilization, science, education, and the things that we cherish so great today, is the very instrument of Satan, even civilization? Civilization never come by God. Civilization come by Satan. I'll prove that to you by the Word, just a minute.
Civilization is not of God. For let me show you; in this civilization, the more civilized we get as we work through science, we are always killing ourselves. See? And this civilization has built up to its pinnacle now, and we got death in this civilization. We got sin in this civilization. We got sickness in this civilizations. That can't be of God.

"Blind, naked, and don't know it." Not them poor little women out there, it's nothing I got against them. It's that evil. And the system of the church seems to fail to recognize it or stand against it: let them bob off their hair, and wear makeup, and shorts and things, under the name of Christianity. What a horrible thing it is. See? They're naked again in Satan's Eden and knows it not. They don't know it. I believe I see, perhaps, looking across here, the swimming pool, at women out there now. If that woman only realized that what she's doing, but she doesn't know it. She's naked. Her body is sacred. She strips off the clothes that God clothed her with, with skin, for this generation. She constantly cuts it off. She's naked under the word of civilization, higher education, better civilization, higher ethics. Let me be sure that this soaks in. It's all of the Devil, and will be destroyed at the coming of the Lord Jesus. It'll be destroyed, every bit of it. There won't be one thing left.

Also as the prophet Paul seen in II Thessalonians the 2nd chapter, that he--he heads up in his, the great scientific Eden in this day, in scientific, in education and civilization, and has made, hisself, and will finally head up in the ecumenical council, where all churches will have to bow to him. And see what it is? It's that spirit of delusion working among the people, sons of God, which are made in the image of God, and daughters of men, which is made in the image of men, has taken them under falsehood like he did Eve, and has formed hisself through his own gimmicks of science and education and culture, till he's got himself a modern, scientific, death Eden. Where God by His Word spoke, and He had an Eden without death; no science, no education like we have today or no civilization.

Now, keep the church in mind. She's kissing, and slopping, and mixing around in everything else but the Word. Let the devil, and education, and scientific searches, and so forth... When scientific education and everything is absolutely contrary to God. The whole system of civilization that we have now, is absolutely antichrist; educational system is antichrist; civilization is antichrist. It's against God. You say against civilization? God will have a civilization one of these days that won't have any death associated into it. This modern civilization come by Satan. I'll prove that to you, if the Lord willing tonight, out of the Bible. All these things are of Satan. Our new civilization will have none of this in it.

RAPTURE.THE.title YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 65-1204
Education, and the educational system, science, and civilization is of the devil. It's the devil's civilization. The Bible said so. And our civilization that's coming on will have nothing to do with this civilization at all. It's nothing of it at all. It'll be a different civilization. Into this civilization and this scientific world we got... More science--scientific we get, further we go into death, things, traps to kill, and everything. In that new civilization there'll be no death, no sickness, sorrow, or no pain. See? There won't be none in there. So this civilization will have to be destroyed, because it's of the devil.

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Now, preaching usually catches the sinner, brings him under condemnation by the Word. But teaching places a man positionally what he is. And we can never rightly be able to have faith until positionally we know what we are.

ARK.THE.title JEFF.IN V-26 N-18 55-0522
The law was a judge. The law judged, but the atonement stood between the confessed believer and the judgment. There laid the judgment in the ark, ready to come forth. But when it did, it couldn't, for there was an atonement standing between it and the believer. And the believer come and accepted Christ in the shadow and type, shed blood sprinkled upon the mercy seat, then he had mercy, and could walk away rejoicing, because he was free from judgment. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit." And when a man knows that he's died to the things of the world, and those that get in Christ Jesus, and walking according to the Holy Spirit, and not the ways of this sinful world, there's no condemnation to him. He can look in the face of hell and judgment and rejoice, because there's the Blood of Christ making atonement, standing between him and judgment. Amen. There you are. The believer once in, the lid shut down, that settles it for all time. Amen. Gold, Deity laid over and underneath it, and all around it, wrapped up in Deity. Every man that's come into Christ is wrapped up in the Holy Spirit and become sons and daughters of God.

That's the way a real church; it don't have to be bathing up and going back about this, that, or the other. But they got an oil, holy oil on the inside, every believer, that keeps him clean from the things of the world. Oh, if we could just preach on the--the Lamb and Dove some time. The Holy Ghost inside the believer keeps him clean. Not from the outside what he washes off, but it comes from the inside out. Amen.
A lot of people say, "I have to go up and make confession today, I have to say so and so, and I have to go make a confession. I have to do this." But you know, the Holy Spirit inside just works the oil out all the time, the atonement, keeping the believer clean. "For there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit."

Yes, no matter what would take place, there's people in the world that were born not to believe. The Bible said, "They were ordained or old to this condemnation." Jude. "Men of old ordained to this condemnation not to believe." No matter what you'd do, they wouldn't believe it any how. Pharaoh was raised up for this same purpose.

Man has always tried to do something to save hisself. There's nothing you can do about it. God saves you unconditionally; He just calls you, predestinated you to be saved. And somebody's predestinated to be lost. The Bible said so: "Men of old, fore-ordained to this condemnation..." When... Esau and Jacob, both born from the same parent, before either child was born, said Romans 9, not knowing good from evil, God said... That the election might be sure, God said, "Esau have I hated, and Jacob have I loved," before either one of them done anything about it. See? "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him." You said, "Oh, I sought God, I went seeking for Him." No, no, God sought for you, not you for God. Human nature proves that. When Adam sinned, he didn't start hunting God; he started hiding from God. And Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him." Then God drawed you first.

A man told me not long ago, he said, "Mr. Branham, I don't care what you would do or say, I don't believe It."
I said, "It wasn't given to unbelievers. It was only given to them that believe." It's not for unbelievers. They'll perish. I don't know... Of course, all of you know this, that I'm strictly a Calvinist. I believe that men are ordained to Eternal Life, and some are ordained to condemnation according to God's Word. The Bible said men of old was predestinated to this condemnation, turning the grace of God into lasciviousness. That's right. And if you... God's not willing that any should perish now. But to be God, He knowed from the very beginning who would be saved and who wouldn't be saved. If He didn't, He wasn't God. He's a infinite, eternal God. So therefore, if you will read Romans 8 and 9, you'll find out that He told... He said, "I hate Esau and love Jacob, before either boy was ever born from his mother's womb." Correctly, for He's God. He knows all things. So how can you make a believer--an unbeliever a believer when God knew in the beginning he was an unbeliever? It wasn't meant for him. He said, "Pharaoh, I've raised him up for this very same purpose to work in works. It's not him that willeth, him that runneth; it's God that showeth mercy." Is that right? Certainly.

And then at the cross Satan and those priests said, "If you're the Son of God, come down off the cross. Then we'll believe you." He could have done it, but He'd have been obeying Satan. See? He don't do what Satan says; He does what God says. And any servant of God does the same--just obedient. So when you hear those remarks, just remember where it comes from. Don't, don't despise the people, but feel sorry for them that they're in total darkness and blindness, maybe ordained to that condemnation. Then what? That's bad, isn't it? So we just feel sorry and just move on, be humble, and be Christians.

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You'll be kicked out some of these days from these interdenominationals like this. It'll come a time when you'll have to belong to an organization or you can't worship. As you know, the Scripture says it will be. They just make fun of you now. But there'll be a time where there'll be a boycott. For the mark of the beast must come. You'll either belong to the confederation of the churches, the beast like it is in Rome, or you won't worship at all. That's what the Scripture says.

PATMOS.VISION.title JEFF.IN ROJC 69-130 60-1204E
And so there'll be a unionize amongst the churches, and they'll unite themselves together, form up the head of the confederation of churches, which they've already got a big U.N. building and every denomination is in it. And you'll either have to belong to some of those denominations or be ousted. And that's the time where we have to show our colors and be sure that we know, not a guess work, but know THUS SAITH THE LORD where you're standing. The little church has always been in the minority; it's a little bitty group that--a little thread, like a--a red string that wipes through the Bible, but it's the church always. And we want to remember it.

Make an image to her, what would it be? Just what they're doing right now, just exactly, moving up in this confederation of churches: all the churches belong to this organization, all go into one group. Now, they're getting a Bible. And Pope John has invited them all back. The archbishop of Canterbury, all going around... First thing you know, the whole thing comes right back to mammy, because they're harlots to begin with. See, see, see? They say, "We'll all join together in one big cause to fight Communism." And don't know that God raised up Communism (I can prove that by this Bible.), and even put in their minds of them to avenge the saints, of the blood that they had shed upon the earth. God organized Communism just the same as He did King Nebuchadnezzar to--to chastise Israel. He raised up Communism, and someday she'll blow Rome plumb off the map. That's exactly. God said so. That's right. I'm against communism; it's anti-God. Sure it is. But don't you place much sense in that Iron Curtain, but watch that purple curtain. Read the Foxes "Book of Martyrs" and you'll see that that's right.

TEN.VIRGINS.title JEFF.IN ROJC 425-492 60-1211M
"And now, let's make a image unto that beast." And over in this country they made a image: a confederation of denominations together, the Nicolaitanes getting together and denominated themselves; and finally will unite this brotherhood, not come in as Catholics, but they'll be united as a brotherhood to try to stamp out Communism. And the Bible said that God raised up Communism to get revenge upon the nations for what they've done to the children of God. Exactly right. He said, "And they--they--they give their power and everything to the beast for one hour, and to revenge the people, the... of the blood that they had shed." And when that atomic bomb or whatever it is will strike that Vatican City, and the Roman hierarchy will be no more, it said, "And in her was found the blood of every martyr that ever was killed in the world." There she is. And here's the image to it, a confederation of churches. Won't be long till we'll have to close them doors out yonder, that's right, or either take a denominational mark. And we'll close the doors. That's right. We'll... We know better than that.

And now, you watch: just about the time the antichrist is holding itself up now and taking all the churches, even our Pentecostal, into the big morgue up here, you know, the union of churches... You understand where I mean. I understand some of our Pentecostal organizations is getting into that. Um-ump. What--how far away from the Spirit of God can you get when you start wandering. Just slip off that narrow road, and you'll just keep sliding. That's right. You got to come back to where you left off. That's right. Confederation of churches, which will form the image of the beast... And we all know that. See, there? It's all working right around now to bring all the churches together, unite ourselves together to fight communism. Don't you worry about communism; it ain't going to be the thing to fight. There's three curtains. I say this in the Name of the Lord; don't you forget it. There's a iron curtain, a bamboo curtain, and a purple curtain. Watch that purple curtain. Keep your eye on that.

All right, I predict that the two denominational groups, Pentecostal and the Evangelical groups, will work together in a denomination, will unite themselves together, and will become a member (all of them) of the Federation of the Council of Churches or the Council of Churches. They already belong to it--all of them. And there will come through them a forcing or a boycott, that'll stop everything but what belongs to that union of churches. That's what a... The Bible said that there would be a boycott, even to such a way it would cause people to not buy or sell unless they had received this, the mark of the beast, which is Romanism, and the image of the beast, which is Protestantism, that the image... The beast had power, authority to give the image life to speak, and it did. And that's the Confederation of Churches, when they confederate themselves together.

And it's binding time now. Every one of them going into the confederation of churches, all the denominations. That's right. That's right. World League, Council of Churches, every denomination's pulling right into it, the big thing going on. All of them coming back to Rome just as they promised, "a image made unto the beast," the power, a confederation of churches, just exactly what God said would come to pass. There they are, letting you go, and telling you it's all right to do this, and afraid to say anything about it, afraid it'd break a meal ticket somewhere.

FIRST.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0318
Educated... This is the Satan's superman with education, with wisdom, with church theology of his own word, of his own making, and he rides his white denominational horse to deceive the people. And he will conquer every religion of the world, 'cause they've all going into the confederation of--of the--of churches and the world confederation of churches. And they already got their buildings built and everything setting right in line. There ain't one thing left. Every denomination's stuck right into it, the federation of churches. And what's backing it? Rome. And the pope's now crying, "We're all one. Let's come together and walk together."

THIRD.EXODUS.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-21 63-0630M
But there raised up a pharaoh who didn't know Joseph. It's the same thing today. A man has raised up and took oath in the--in the White House that will not swear to his oath--will not take his oath, that he believes in freedom of religion. What's this new pope saying? One--four things that he has, one of them is to unite the Protestants and the Catholic together. And to any intellectual person, that's the thing to do. But according to the Bible, it's the wrong thing to do, and the Bible said they would do that. (Let's go a little farther.)
At this time Raamses in Egypt was growing. His power's growing. The natural man, Raamses, was growing. The natural man, the antichrist, is growing now through politics. He's already got to the White House. In religion, he's got all the people so scrupled up till actually they'd fall right for it. And the denominational leaders... Practically every church that there is in the nation is already in the confederation of churches. Raamses is growing, and they're all uniting together, and that's what they'll have. And what does it do? It makes a power, a beast just like the first one. Then there's a persecution coming upon all those who won't unite with it, and a boycott. It'll be too late then; you've already took the mark. Don't say, "I'll do it then." You better do it now. Raamses was growing.
But remember while Raamses was growing in the power in Egypt, God had Moses in the wilderness. He was growing too. Raamses had a political system. God had a spiritual system under a prophet ready to come down and speak to the people. They're both growing again. It'll be a showdown one of these days. The time ain't far off when there'll come a showdown.

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Paul had an experience. How many believes experience comes by conversion? Sure. If it hasn't, I'd doubt the conversion. A conversion brings experience; and you can't allot it to anything now. Sometimes it might be shouting. Sometimes it might be speaking with tongues. Sometimes it might be weeping. Sometimes it might be groaning. You don't know what it is, so don't try to allot it, because every one of you's proved to be wrong in it, you Methodists, and you Baptists, and you Nazarenes and Pentecostals.
I've seen people shout just as hard as they could shout, and steal the gold out of your teeth if they could. Yes, sir. I've seen people speak with tongues like pouring peas on a dry cowhide; and--and honest to goodness, when they chew tobacco on the other side of the mouth, and cut your throat if they could do it. That's right. So them things has... There's no evidence that you can prove it, only by the life the person lives: "by their fruit, you shall know them."

THY.HOUSE.title TIFTON.GA 61-0808
Friends, a conversion, outside of the same thing, won't last either. It won't. When you go to church, and--and you say, "Well, I'm going to join church, and I'm going to be baptized." If that isn't coming from a heart of love to God yonder, it'll never go no where. You'll just... All you'll do is join church and be baptized. But when you're converted to Christ, a love to Christ, then you accumulate a faith in Christ, like you would to your wife, or to your husband. You accumulate a faith that you walk in that faith. I don't know, you just--something about you, you just got a--something that anchors you there. You see? Well, that's the same way it is about Christ. And what Christ says, you believe it. And you just stay right with it. And that's the way... It just raises you right up above it, and God brings it to pass and fulfills His promise, "If thou will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, thy and thy house shall be saved."

When you accept Christ as your Saviour and are then ready for baptism in water, you have not yet been converted; you're only believing unto repentance. "Conversion" means "to be changed."

Now, when you believe, Jesus said, "You have Eternal Life." That's the new birth. That's your conversion, changing. But the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the power of God that you're baptized into and are subject to these nine spiritual gifts to work through you; such as, preaching, evangelists, apostles, pastors, prophets... And all the gifts of the body come into this, when you're baptized into this body. And that's--doesn't make you any more a Christian; it just sets you positionally in a place to be a ministering spirit in the church of the living God. Now, you get it? See?

And then God gave His children new birth by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They came right near It when they cleansed theirself up through Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness. Then come into the experience of Pentecost, of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the restoration of the gifts. They went forth speaking with tongues and interpret tongues, and given gifts of healings and miracles; and signs and wonders begin to accompany them. Now, they're children; they're God's children. They're positionally in Christ; they become children by birth. And the new birth and the conversion Itself is the Holy Ghost. You're not even converted till you get the Holy Ghost. That's what the Scripture said. Jesus told Peter. Ask anyone; read your Scripture. He was justified by believing on the Lord Jesus, become a follower, an apostle. Jesus gave him the keys to the Kingdom. And John 17:17, He sanctified and give them power, sent them out, cast out devils and things, sanctified them. "Sanctify them, Father, through Thy Truth. Thy Word is the Truth. I sanctify Myself because of them."

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But when it comes right down to putting what you say you believe into practice, and willing to confess the wrong, they don't do it. It just isn't there. They don't have it. Well, that's real conviction. That's what we need. We've long felt that, a long time ago, and swapped it. Prayer, and--and confession, and conviction, we swapped it for emotion, a shaking, or a jerking, or a jumping up-and-down. That's the reason there's no holding tight, 'cause there's nothing there to hold them. Until you come upon the basis of God's Word, of godly sorrow, and ready to repent and make anything right, and do what's right, ready to live right... I don't care what the people say or anything else, you live for you--for Jesus Christ and what He said. Then you take a church like that coming back, there's a possibility of it coming. But they're not willing to do it.

PARDONED.title TUCSON.AZ 63-1028
I noticed the other night in that great famous meeting of one of our great renowned brothers in California... And I noticed at that meeting, as those people come down, young teenage children... I admired the brother for his great stand. Anybody would. If you're positioned to see what place he's taken in the last days, you will too. And as I noticed those people coming down to the altar to make a decision, girls chewing chewing gum, boys punching one another, people laughing, that isn't the way to come godly sorrowful. You must come under conviction. God, send us an old fashion Pentecostal Holy Ghost revival that'll bring sin to the root and bring conviction to men and women. Not to say, "I'll go back to the church and I'll renew my fellowship. I'll sign a card." That's all right. But you can join the Masons, Odd Fellows, and anything, and get the same result. But when you come under God's pardoning atonement of the Blood of Jesus Christ, there's got to be a sincerity set in there. God requires sincerity.
If it cost Him such a price to give His only begotten Son, how are we going to get by under a little laughing affair, and come join church, and make a decision card, and take it into the church, and whatever it might be. That's not God's requirement. "He that goeth forth sowing in tears will doubtless return again rejoicing, bringing with him precious sheaves." We need a sheave-bringing people.

PERFECT.STRENGTH.title JEFF.IN V-8 N-1 61-1119
But when you persuade and pull and scare people, and talk people in... People must come sanely, soberly, under conviction, and receive Christ. Then the first thing they do as soon as they receive Christ setting in their seats, the next thing is to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of those sins that they have been convinced that they're wrong. That's how they're remitted of their sins. See? 'Cause they have repented; been baptized as a memorial to the people, that, "I have received Christ as my personal Saviour"; then you're a candidate for the Holy Ghost. But now, many people continue on, persuading and calling to the altar, and so forth like that, which that's all right. I'll go with that; that's perfectly all right as far as I'm concerned, anybody that wants to do it. But to me it's not Scriptural (You see?), and so I--I just like to stay with the Scripture.

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You'll make mistakes; you'll fall; you'll willfully do wrong. You'll go out sometime and do things; that don't mean that you're lost; that means that you're going to get correction. My little boy, lots of times... My children will do things, your does too, that you--they know that's against your--your rules. And they know what to expect when they do it: they're going to get a whipping for it, sometimes a good one. But it's still your child, certainly.
It's impossible for that man to ever be gone again, that's once been born of Eternal Life. God's not a Indian giver. "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life and shall never come to the judgment, but's passed from death unto Life. And I'll raise him up at the last days." That's God's promise.

And then again we wonder in the Scriptures, when it's written, "All things work together for good to them that love God." And many times when maybe the lash of His correction is laying upon us, we wonder how that it could be working for the good. But after it's all over, then we look back and we praise Him for it because He knows; we do not. We just act obedient to His Word and to His chastising. He never did chastise us unless we had need of it. And sometimes we might think that we wasn't guilty, but He knows... Maybe we are not, but He knows just how to do it to make it all work good. And what a--a beautiful thing it is just to lay your life in His hands and say, "Here am I, Lord. Just use me now; lead me, and guide me, and direct me in the way that would be pleasing unto Thee." And then don't murmur. No matter what the path is, stay with it anyhow, and God will work it all right. "The footsteps of the righteous is ordered by the Lord." And that Scripture is true.

He wants us to. If the earthly parents wants us to so well, what about our heavenly Parent the Lord Jesus? He has to correct us. And the Scripture says, "If we cannot stand chastisement, or a whipping, child-correction, then we become illegitimate children and not the children of God." See?
If you're really born again, get it now, if you're really born again, there's nothing can separate you from God. That's right. "Neither starvation, perils, trials, suffering, death, nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus." You say, "Well, I started to be a Christian one time. Everything begin going this way, and that way, and I thought, 'My, I was better off the other way.'" You never did come to God, brother. If you ever really come to God, and got a taste of the heavenly gifts of God, partakers of His Divine nature, why, you could no more become a sinner again, unbeliever, than a stalk of corn could become a cocklebur. That's right.

Do you believe that children of God have testings and trials? "Every son that cometh to God must first be tried, chastened." Chastised, did you ever have any of it, child-training, bringing you up, giving you a little protaplasma stimulation once in a while by the Gospel, making you, correction...? My daddy was awful good at that. Yes, sir. He believed in the golden rule. It laid up over the door, had all the ten commandments out on it, a hickory stick about that long, brush on the end of it. I tell you, that made discipline in the Branham home. But we love him. What would we have been if he hadn't have did it? That's the way God is; He brings discipline to His children, trying them, whipping them when they're wrong. I'm happy that my heavenly Father gives whippings to those who are wrong, and corrects me when I'm wrong, gives me whippings, makes me straighten up, walk like you should walk.

THAT.DAY.ON.CALVARY.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-5 60-0925
Church isn't going to church just to play music, sing songs. Church is a place where correction... Judgment begins at the house of God. We must reckon ourselves dead and alive to Christ. Then He made the way that we could sacrifice ourselves to His service to follow Him. If we follow Him, we lead the life that He led. That's wonderful. Jesus said, and spoke of it. Let me just give you a few quotations on it. Listen close. Don't miss it.

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II Timothy, 3rd chapter, said, in the last days the church would be formal, go to church, say the apostle's creed, as they call it... There's no such a thing in the Bible as apostle's creed. That's a bunch of dogma: no such a thing in the Bible. But oh, we worship those creeds. But they'd have a form of godliness, but would deny--deny the power of God. He said, "From such turn away."

ONENESS.title JEFF.IN V-10 N-2 62-0211
What is it? With God-sent teacher that'll stay right with the Word to the real church, not move one iota no matter what an organization says; they're not connected with it. Prophets; not make-belief, so-called, but a genuine prophet has THUS SAITH THE LORD, and right on the dot every time. That's what He's sent in His church. That's what He said He would do. Believes the Word; not the creed, not the dogma, but the Word... And by doing this, He shows Himself in them by confirming His Word, making the same life that He lived once, live over again, bringing His Word to pass.

There's where the hybreeding come: didn't come through Adam. Shame on you who don't see that. See? It's not Adam's fault. He had nothing to do with it. If death come by Adam, then it come by God. Death come by a crossbreeding. Death can't come by God's Word. Death comes by crossbreeding It to denominations and creed. Instead of Christ, dogma, instead of the Word. It doesn't come by the Word. The Word is Life. Jesus said, "My words are Life," and the Spirit quickens that Word and makes It Life. To crossbreed It, there's where the death comes from. And if Adam, be God's Word, His spoken Word, His original Seed (for He was the first, then by creation), then His second Adam was also by creation, spoken Word. You follow? Now, Adam did not deceive--was not deceived, but His bride was deceived. Christ today is not deceived. The Word is not deceiving. It's the bride that's doing the deceiving by the Word. You see it?

There's no such a thing as organization. Jesus never said, "I commission you to go into all the world and make organizations." No, sir, no such a thing. To do this, is to reject the sacred Scriptures. When this was done, it was changed from church by birth to church by dogma and creed. Not church, let me apologize; lodge. You're born into the Church, but you join a lodge. It isn't Baptist church, Methodist church, Pentecostal church. It's Baptist lodge, Pentecostal lodge, and Methodist lodge, you join them. You can't join Church. There's no such a thing. You're borned into It. Nicodemus was told that. So you see where you're at? Oh, my.
That's why I'm against it. Not against the people in it; the system that I'm against. 'Cause they can't... One of them elders or something another, one of them churches preach something that's in the Bible that's contrary to that doctrine, that charter that they have in that church, he's excommunicated right like that. Yes, sir. Some of them so nasty as they won't even let a revival come to another church unless it be one of their own men.

Do this... to reject the Scriptures... When this is done, it is changed; then when you add dogma and join an organization, you have automatically accepted your first dogma, 'cause it's not Scriptural, so it's something added. And a dogma is something added, "take place of"; it's taking place of the birth. When you accept a denomination, you have added dogma. All right. When this is done, then it's changed from church by birth to lodge by dogma or creed. For, see, it's dogma in itself, not being Scripturally. Now, Jesus never said, "Go into all the world and make denominations, go organize the people together." He said, "Go make disciples." You believe it? Amen. So you see you're altogether out.

That's the way God made His covenant too. Our experience is not to match some creed, some dogma, some church denomination, but it's to match God's Word, Jesus Christ. Right. When we come to Christ, then Christ claims us. He tore Him in two at Calvary. Part of it He lifted up that--up to set at His right hand, which was the body. The Spirit He came--sent back here to make a bride for Him, and that same experience that was in Christ has to be in us. He was--He was absolutely so perfect till He pleased the Sculptor and inspired Him so much, until He smote Him at Calvary. Oh, my.

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QA.ON.THE.SEALS.title JEFF.IN 63-0324M
People say, "Now, you've got to belong to this or that," an organization, a certain organization. "If your name isn't on our book, you're lost." Now, that's cult. See? That's cult. See? There's only one way you can be saved, and that is not him that willeth or him that runneth, him that... That is God Who shows mercy. And God by His foreknowledge predestinated a Church to His glory, and that's the ones that's saved. That's right.

Many sincere persons go join an organization, or a group, or a cult of some sort, and there they die spiritually. You can't tell them nothing. They get that stuff drilled into them: "Why, these bishops said this, and this said this; this said this." You show them right here in the Word of God where it's THUS SAITH THE LORD, "But our pastor..." I don't care what your pastor says, don't care what I say, or anybody else says. If it's contrary to God's vindicated Word, the hour, the time, the Message, and so forth, forget it. Stay away from it. And I've got to stand before every one of you in the day of judgment, and you know that. And little would I say that, knowing I'm an old man now. I'll... It ain't that I know something, but He knows. I just follow what He says.

You know what every cult in the world today is from? Every cult in the world raised up today, because of hungry children. That's what made the heathens in the heathen land worship idols: hungry children. That's what made fanatics go across the country: hungry children trying to look into the Word, to find out if this is right, or if that's right. Every cult sprang from that. And today, many things through that, honest-hearted people hungering and thirsty for God... For there's something in a man or a woman all the way back from the origin tells them that there's Eternal Life somewhere. Some seek it in an idol. Some seek it in a shrine.

We're not a cult. We're not a bunch of fanatics. We are servants of God, that's been called by the Holy Ghost. You'll have all kinds of names tacked to you, but that don't mean it's so.

Listen. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I haven't confessed that before. But I believe by saying it, the people will understand and know what I'm trying to get to you. There's people in here that's professing Christianity should be right here. Come, won't you? Let me ask you, how are you ever going to? You'll never receive another sign. This is it. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Would a prophet of God make a statement like that if it wasn't true? You're receiving your greatest sign, and your last sign, before the appearing of Christ. Come. The reason I'm saying these things; I've never said this in any other meeting. I feel that right here--there's a opportunity here for something to happen. That's why I'm saying the way I am. I believe you'll understand. You wouldn't go around, make some kind of a cult and say, "Brother Branham is a god," or something like that. You'll understand what I'm talking about. Come now. Come. Let me persuade you in the Name of Christ, come.

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