MILLEVOMEDIA.COM, in attaining its vision of promoting IT education in this part of the world, is both directly and indirectly affiliated with a number of digital visual art centers, art associations, and information technology training service providers in the Philippines. Together with these agencies and organizations, the company is committed to promoting IT education and digital literacy in the Philippines. These companies are as follows: is affiliated with a number of digital visual art centers and training service providers in the Philippines in attaining its vision of promoting IT education in this part of the world.


the country's premier trade show in imaging, print & web publishing, and prepress. The popularity of this event amongst graphic and print professionals lived through its 7th year of business exchange, collaboration, and support. It is because Graphic Expo is based on a unique concept of 'workflow process complementation' involving digital photography, imaging & creative design, prepress, and print output. provides regular keynote speaker(s) at the Graphic Expo Manila. For more information about the Graphic Expo in Manila, click on this link (

is a digital art club and a group of a variegated mix of established and emerging artists who have taken on the computer as a new vibrant medium for their art. From the graphic design, music and video industries to the world of visual arts, computer programming and the academe--the group's membership is diverse, promising truly visceral and exciting artistic applications of emerging technologies. Formed February 23, 2000, eArt Philippines embody major directions artists are taking in the digital world. Even established artists find the digital art form consistent with their work in traditional media. For more information about eARTPhilippines, click on this link ( ).


The IdN (International Designers Network) Club Philippines is a local association of digital artists and graphic service providers. It was established to create a venue for meeting and collaborating with Philippine graphic designers, visual communicators, multimedia practitioners, and photographers in the Philippines. For more information about IDN Club philippines, click on this link ( )


Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) was founded in 1998 by some members of IdN (International Designers Network) Club Philippines. (IdN Club is the first organization of digital artists in the Philippines). The Center is an innovative learning facility that combines art and digital technology. It was established to answer the need for intensive, hands-on personal training for graphic designers, visual communicators, multimedia practitioners, and photographers in the Philippines. For more information about PCCI, click on this link (


Digital Mutimedia Arts Center (DIGIMAC) is an Apple-Macintosh platform-based educational training facility that offers basic and advanced courses on popular software for web development in the Philippines. It is also a digital visual arts learning center which is located at Pearl Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. For more information about DIGIMAC, click on this link (


ARTFARM ASIA animation and digital exchange is a training institute in the Philippines devoted to the promotion of animation and digital arts in the country. The people behind artfarm are professionals in the local animation industry who are into doing independent work, commercials, as well as work from prominent foreign studios. Presently, artfarm is offering lessons in the field of animation for promising young artists, giving them a shot at the growing global animation market. For more information about ARTFARM ASIA, click on this link ( )


The De La Salle University College of Saint Benilde
offers the Philippines' first and only degree program in Multimedia Arts, to be known as the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts [AB-MMA]. This course is the result of a unique collaboration between CSB's School of Design & Arts and School of Management and Information Technology. The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts, the first and only degree program of its kind in the country, is an attempt to address the multimedia revolution and the quality of life in the information-rich environment of the future. The course combines new areas such as digital media and the Internet with core skills such as programming, communications and graphic design to provide a multi-disciplinary undergraduate program, which meet the requirements of 21ST century computing. For more information about DLSU-CSB, click on this link (


Fiera de Manila, Inc. (FMI) is a full service exhibition company which provides professional, efficient, and quality service in the organization and management of trade shows, conferences, in-store promotions, selling missions, corporate product launchings, and special events in the Philippines. FMI works in close cooperation with trade associations, business corporations, retailers and exporters to help expand trade and promote the exchange of goods and services in the Philippine New Economy. For more information about FIERA de MANILA, click on this link (